Pete’s Biography

Founder / President of Spoken Word Images, Inc. Pete Bunch was always intrigued by radio voices. In the summer of 1975, under the influence of Clearasil, he decided to investigate the world of radio.

In the 70s, boss-jock-big-voice radio caught Pete’s fancy, so much so, that he would mimic them on-air at his high school radio station in Denver, Colorado. Thus began a wild career in broadcasting.

In 1996, after seeking the Lord’s direction for many months, he and his wife Lisa founded Spoken Word Images, Inc. No boss jock sound now, just a smooth, rich, and natural delivery. But…Pete can easily shift from intimate, to the crunch of NASCAR and intensity of the NFL. Not just a gifted voice, Pete Bunch brings a consistent track record of exemplary script interpretation, session etiquette, responsiveness and courteous client service.

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Pete Bunch


Who Writes This Stuff? PETE BUNCH SUCKS…DON’T HIRE HIM!!! Cliff Smithers Program Director WPOS-FM Toledo, OH  Read More
Solid GOSPEL “We have worked with Pete Bunch and Spoken Word Images for the better part of 10 years. Pete’s voice stands out on our networks and local station as “the voice”! Pete is very easy to work with and turns our VO quickly.” Greg Goodman Program Director, Solid Gospel Nashville, TN  Read More
Electric voice over Pete, Great job as usual! Thanks for the quick turnaround. Greg Brooks Comm. Coordinator Walton Electric Membership Corporation Monroe, GA    Read More
Pete Bunch Love Your Work!!! Your work for ECO was awesome! We really love everything. Thanks very much Pete. Rick Balentine Senior Partner Emergency Calls Only System, Inc. Burbank, CA  Read More
Roxx the VO You ROCK Pete…the VO works perfectly. Great work, thanks!  David Noel David Noel Productions Los Angeles, CA.    Read More
Awesome With Absurd Deadlines! Wow. I LOVE IT! You do such amazing work Pete. I’m really thankful for you helping work around my crazy deadlines!   Heather Erickson, Marketing Manager Teen Mania Ministries Dallas, TX  Read More
Billy says thank you You did a wonderful job Pete! Thank you again. Micah Bomgaars Senior Producer Billy Graham Evangelistic Association    Read More
Great With Tough Clients I want to tell you how much I appreciated the fact that you kept the level of professionalism dealing with this type of client during the ISDN session. We all admired your ingenuity. Thank you for giving us your best.   Best Regards, Kevin Russell General Manager Marketing Mania, Inc. Bokeelia, FL    Read More
VO nominated for a Midwest Emmy The documentary you voiced for TLN was nominated for a Midwest Emmy. Your contribution was invaluable Pete. You truly are a master of your craft!  Jeff DeVries Senior Production Editor Total Living Network – TLN TV Chicago, IL    Read More
Stop-you-in-your-tracks VO Anytime we need a stop-you-in-your-tracks commercial at the last minute, I turn to you Pete. You have great creative insight, and always produce spots that are attention grabbers.   Courtney L. Dagger Marketing Director Greensboro Coliseum Complex Greensboro, NC    Read More
Awesome Asset! I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pete Bunch for several years. Pete is easy to work with and is an absolute hoot with his out-takes (many of which are so good they improve on the original idea and make it to air). Pete’s consummate professionalism, ten-ton voice and sense of humor make him a great asset!   Steve Stone Senior Producer Creative Services Group Clear Channel Media Atlanta,... Read More
Nails it every time I’ve used Pete Bunch as the voice for a number of my concert and ministry spots and he nails it every time. Very professional, easy going, and gets the work back quickly – all great qualities in a voice talent. Sterling Tarrant Production Director KSBJ FM, Houston TX  Read More
Everything From Broadcast To Corporate I’ve been working with Pete for 10 plus years and I use him for everything from Broadcast to Corporate.  My clients love his sound, and I LOVE his attitude, service and affordable pricing.  John Hussey Senior Producer PK Pictures Nashville, TN    Read More
A finely tuned compass Pete, I can honestly say that I’ve never worked with a more professional artist is all my years in the record business. Your compass is finely tuned.   Rene Elizondo Co-Founder Qwell LLC Burbank, CA    Read More
Concert spots As always, thank you for your help with our concerts.  Pete your professionalism in making the radio spots is greatly needed and appreciated. Thanks for being a part of it!   Ron Coryell President Peak Performances Concerts Greensboro, NC    Read More
Like listening to an old friend Pete does great voice work and makes you feel like you’re listening to an old friend. He’s creative and doesn’t have a huge ego that gets in the way. I strongly recommend Pete for any voice talent needs. Mike Trout President Clear Media Colorado Springs, CO  Read More
Pete Bunch Best Pete is a joy to work with. An excellent VO artist! I admire his talent and his commitment to quality and excellence. I can whole-heartedly recommend Pete Bunch and his services.   Tim Snider Owner/CEO Deja View Media, Inc. Summerfield, NC  Read More
Pete Bunch is GOLD Character, professionalism, talent. What more could you ask? Pete is refined gold in a sea of unprocessed ore.   Bob Allen Owner Bob Allen Audio Nashville, TN    Read More
Pete Bunch means excellence! Over a 10 year span I have worked with Spoken Word Images and Pete Bunch. The projects include commercials, new media, corporate and business to business presentations. No matter the content, I have consistently received spectacular performances, unheard of turnaround and the highest level of professionalism.   Mark Schimmel Owner/Producer Once Upon a Time, Inc. Chicago, IL    Read More
Great VO and kind to my company budget My company 1060 Creative, Inc. has worked with Pete since we opened our doors in 2004. He continues to provide a national voice on a local budget. Thanks Pete!   Peter Baker President 1060 Creative, Inc. Charlotte, NC    Read More


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