Pete’s Biography

Founder / President of Spoken Word Images, Inc. Pete Bunch was always intrigued by radio voices. In the summer of 1975, under the influence of Clearasil, he decided to investigate the world of radio.

In the 70s, boss-jock-big-voice radio caught Pete’s fancy, so much so, that he would mimic them on-air at his high school radio station in Denver, Colorado. Thus began a wild career in broadcasting.

In 1996, after seeking the Lord’s direction for many months, he and his wife Lisa founded Spoken Word Images, Inc. No boss jock sound now, just a smooth, rich, and natural delivery. But…Pete can easily shift from intimate, to the crunch of NASCAR and intensity of the NFL. Not just a gifted voice, Pete Bunch brings a consistent track record of exemplary script interpretation, session etiquette, responsiveness and courteous client service.

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Pete Bunch


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